02 Mar 2018

Traditional feasts and events in the Tuscan Maremma

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Seasons and the passing of time are more evident in the countryside than they are in the city. In the Maremma they are marked by unique local traditions and festivities that are often prepared and attended by the local residents and nearby friends, and lived as an opportunity to celebrate and spend time in good company.


The younger residents traditionally volunteer for the events, and everyone contributes something to the community.


Processions, fire rituals, challenges between districts, festivals and music

There are numerous traditional games that see the different districts of the village competing with each other, with the warm support of their fans. There are also many fire rituals that end the year or the winter; and many celebrations of the Saints Protectors of the villages or Catholic festivals, which often mix sacred processions with lay and profane celebrations.
The traditional events and festivals are windows into local resident’s moments of leisure and social life, especially for those who live in farms outside the towns. You’ll see them laughing and joking, eating and drinking, updating each other on novelties and gossip.
The food festivals are my personal favourites, as each town celebrates the seasonal return of food: there are festivals for olive oil, mushrooms, chestnuts, snails, polenta, sausages etc..: all with excellent recipes and great wine for a good price.

They are annual appointments which should not be missed.


Our recommendation:

  • In January, for the Epiphany, locals visit every farm to sing charols about the the Befana;
  • The Torciata di San Giuseppe in Pitigliano, in March, is one of the area’s fire rituals, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring;
  • The St. George Feast in April, in Montemerano, with competitions between the town districts;
  • The Grey Cat Jazz Festival from April onwards, in different locations;
  • The Canti del Maggio on May 1st, everywhere;
  • The Amiata Piano Festival from May onwards;
  • The Morellino Classica Festival in summer, in different dates and locations;
  • The Infiorata in June, during Corpus Domini in Pitigliano, where the streets are covered with designs made out of colourful flowers and leaves;
  • Sunrise at Ghiaccioforte and the a re-enactment of wheat threshing, as it was done in ancient times, in July;
  • Terre di Maremma Amiata Jazz Festival from July onwards, in different dates and locations;
  • The Palio delle Botti in August in Manciano, a competition between the town districts;
  • Festambiente in August in Grosseto, a fair with food, live music and activities for children, dedicated to sustainability and nature
  • The Palio delle Contrade in September in Castel del Piano;
  • The food festival celebrating the year’s new olive oil in October and November, in many towns including Semproniano;
  • The Festa delle Streghe (party of the witches) towards the beginning of November, in Montemerano;
  • The Festa della Focarazza in mid-November, in Santa Caterina (Roccalbegna);
  • Christmas markets in several locations (including Montemerano) in December .

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